Our Response to COVID-19

We know the coronavirus (COVID-19) is of extreme concern for many of you, as it is for us as well. Lonestar Services remains committed to the health of our community, families, and our valued customers.

Before this global health crisis, but now more so than ever, we take the health and wellness of our community seriously. In our office and before we send anyone on a jobsite, we take regular measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. We also use the same air purification products we offer our customers, specifically the REME Halo that has shown to have a 99% inactivation of influenza, staph, the common cold, and other common viruses that can make us sick.

Lonestar Services recognizes the constantly changing situation surrounding the coronavirus and want our customers & partners to know we are taking extra steps in our fight to contain or stop community spread of the virus:

  • Additional hand washing stations in our office
  • Providing hand sanitizer to our field team
  • Wiping equipment with alcohol wipes before and after use
  • Encouraging members of our team to stay at home when they feel sick

Lonestar wishes health and wellness to you and your loved ones!